Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

Vol. 21 Issue 1 January - June / 2023
Published on website | Date : 2023-05-17 10:59:11

Assessment of Women Knowledge Toward Cesarean Section Complications in Baghdad Teaching Hospital 2022

Fadia M. Abood, Aliaa M. H. Alsafi


Background: The increasing rate of births through caesarean sections (CS) had become a source of concern in many countries. Maternal beliefs may influence the mode of delivery. Knowledge of pregnant women regarding CS and its complications is an important tool to assess their choice for birth modality.
Objective: To assess women knowledge toward complications of CS and to find out the relationship between level of knowledge and their demographic characteristics.
Methods: A cross sectional study with analytic elements was conducted in Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Medical City Complex in 2022 on women visited Gynecology and Obstetrics Consultation Outpatient Clinics and Ward for different reasons.
Results: The study included 400 women, 67.5% (270) aged <35 years. The majority 78% (312) of study participants were with poor level of knowledge. Most women did not know about (weakness of bowel movement after delivery as a complication of CS), and (placenta progressing and adhesion in the next pregnancy) (260; 56.0%) and (252; 63.0%) respectively.
Conclusion: Two third of the patients had low knowledge level regarding complications of CS. knowledge was better in those who were older than 35 years, highly educated and had a job.
Keywords: Cesarean section, knowledge, pregnant women, wound infection
Citation: Abood FM, Alsafi AMH. Assessment of women knowledge toward cesarean section complications in Baghdad Teaching Hospital 2022. Iraqi JMS. 2023; 21(1): 99-107. doi: 10.22578/IJMS.21.1.10