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Vol. 19 Issue 2 July - December 2021
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Theme : medicine
Points of Consideration in Applying to Surgery Training Programs
Faiz L. Tuma
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Biochemical Estimation of Total Sialic Acid, Lipid-Bound Sialic Acid and Fucose in Serum Patients with Nasal and Paranasal Sinus Malignancies
Alaa k. Mohammed, Nidal R. Mahdi, Fakhri S. Ahmed
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Premarital Screening Program in Al-Nuaman Teaching Hospital
Basma D. Hanoon , Sudad A. Khalf, Imad A. Khalaf
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Assessment of PTEN Deletion or Signal Reduction in Breast Carcinoma Using FISH Technique in A Sample of Iraqi Female Patients
Mohammed R.F. Al-Taie, Ban J. Qasim
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Anti-Proliferative Activity of Althaea Officinalis Extracts on Iraqi Breast Cancer Cell Line AMJ13
Hussam H. Kadhum, Abdulkareem H. Abd, Ahmed M. Al-Shammari
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Assessment of Vitamin D Level in a Sample of Iraqi Obese Women
Hiba D. Abdulkader, Atheer J. Al-Saffar
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Radiological and Clinical Results of Pemberton Osteotomy for Delayed Presentation of Iraqi DDH Patients
Zuhair A. Chhaily, Ahmed I. Joda, Adel A. Hafith, Wasan H. Abbood
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Assessment of Plasma Level of CTHRC-I in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sahar A. Alwan, Raja A. Abdul-Ridha, Alaa I. Ali
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Comparative Study between Obstructive and Non-Obstructive Renal Anomalies Among a Group of Iraqi Children
Shatha H. Ali, Sally A. Kadhim, Qahtan M. A. H. Al-Obaidy
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Post-Cholecystectomy Pain Assessment Using Visual Analogue Scale and Numerical Rating Scale
Basher A. Abdulhassan
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Detection of Chromosome 13q14 Deletion, Chromosome 11q22 Deletion and Trisomy 12 in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients
Hiba H. Hashim, Subeh S. Abdulateef
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Tamoxifen as Empirical Treatment in Males with Primary Infertility and Normal Gonadotropic Hormonal Levels: A Prospective Study
Laith A. Al-Anbary
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