Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

Vol. 22 Issue 1 January - June / 2024
Published on website | Date : 2024-06-24 12:54:27

Early Healing of Rabbit Bone Fracture Using Beta Tri-Calcium Phosphate and Osteocalcin Antibody

Amani A. Majeed, Hayder H. Abdulameer


Background: Early osteogenesis and bone formation are key for treating bone injuries and bone diseases like osteoporosis. β-Tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) is a popular synthetic bone graft substitute with excellent osteoconductive properties and absorbability.
Objective: To evaluate the histological and immunohistochemical changes by using β-TCP on fracture healing in rabbits.
Methods: Experimental study on animal model using 40 male adult albino rabbits, (Oryctolagus cuniculus). The control group included 20 rabbits and subdivided into 2 periods; two weeks and four weeks each one used 10 rabbits, and the treated group was also 20 in number and subdivided into 2 periods, two weeks and four weeks, each one used 10 rabbits. General anesthesia was induced with an intramuscular injection of xylazine 20 mg (0.2 ml/kg body weight) and ketamine HCl 50 mg (20 mg/kg body weight). The new bone formation length was measured histologically and by immunohistochemistry.
Results: Histological findings for the bone healing process in the treated group with β-TCP showed early bone marrow, trabecular bone, mineralization, and compact bone formation in comparison to the healing process in the control group. The comparative histomorphometric study showed a significant P value in comparison between 2 and 4 weeks the control group P value <0.001 and the treated group with β-TCP, P value <0.011. Immunohistochemical findings expression of anti-osteocalcin revealed that there were significant differences in the treated group with β-TCP between (2 weeks mean+SD 0.43±0.04 and 4 weeks mean+SD 0.5±0.05).
Conclusion: β-TCP has a major osteogenesis role in the early bone formation in the treated group as compared with the control group.
Keywords: Beta-Tricalcium phosphate, osteocalcin
Citation: Majeed AA, Abdulameer HH. Early healing of rabbit bone fracture using beta tri-calcium phosphate and osteocalcin antibody. Iraqi JMS. 2024; 22(1): 93-102. doi: 10.22578/IJMS.22.1.11